Our bar is committed to reveal a formula for happiness using the harmony of five elements and to convey the secrets of Oriental philosophy through the mixology.

Oriental Cocktail Bar, focused on mysticism of philosophy of the East and scientifically verified mixology, opened on the 14th floor of Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park. The menu of Oriental Cocktail Bar provides beverages that would make people happy and open a source of vital energy. How is that possible?

According to the eternal laws of life, there is a simple formula for happiness: to find your creative way, follow your heart and replenish your energy. Everything around is Qi energy, and it brings balance to the world and our senses. An important Chinese Philosophy is based around Five Elements Theory. The five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water - are thought to be the fundamental elements of everything in our universe. They describe all interactions and relationships between things. Five Elements Theory has many applications… feng-shui, martial arts, yin and yang … but perhaps most of all, in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each of the five elements has its own characteristics and can be related to different emotions and tastes, foods and herbs. Using Five Elements Theory in Chinese Medicine allows you to isolate and treat the imbalances that upset our Qi and undermine our bodies and minds. At Oriental, we’ve created a place based on Yin and Yang, on Five Elements Theory and on replenishing Qi, bringing balance and strength. Every dish has been created with the aim of finding the perfect balance between food and health. This means the freshest of produce and ingredients as local, organic and untouched as possible. We have paired beautiful foods that compliment each other perfectly. Some dishes have yin, or cooling properties and others yang, which are warming. We ensure our cooking methodologies further enhance the tastes, flavours and properties of each dish. Bon appetite!

Kindly note that we are operating for the guests over 18 years old only.